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Tournament deadlines

Keeping you up to date with notifications regarding deadlines

First of all, in every challenge there are deadlines. Tournament deadlines help the game rolling, so players don’t have to wait for the other competitors to finish their round. There are cases, for example: if some players are on holiday. In this case it is clearly beneficial to keep the game going and close the round. Regarding the possibilities and rules about the deadlines we have to split Race and Versus gametypes.

Deadlines’ function in Race mode

There are situations when players can’t be in the office for a week or so. As this is the case, and they are participating  a challenge, they can’t play nor set records for the Race. Luckily there is an option on every challenge to set deadlines for the rounds. This means that there is a time limit for players to announce their result or submit their records.

Post-round announcing

If you select a preset challenge, there is an option to submit your results after the round closes. Usually a round lasts for a week, and then you have 1 day extra time to announce your results. Then there is no option to upload any data regarding your last round’s achievement. If you skip this extra day, you will automatically jump to the next round without any result in the previous one.


Versus mode’s operation with deadlines

Firstly we have to bear in mind that in this game type there are matches. Matches includes 2 players’ common sports event. There is a deadline set for matches to be played, so there are a couple of cases to inspect:

Deadline runs out without action

In this case none of the players of the match gets any point. The score would be 0-0 and it counts as a loss for both participants.

Pinging your partner

The meaning of pinging someone is the indication that you are willing to play.

tournament deadlines pinging
Tournament deadlines – PING option


After you have signalled your intention to play, it is your partner’s responsibility to act:

  • He can ping you back
    • After you have pinged each other but you don’t play the match, it will count as an inactive match. This will leave you both with a loss. Same action as if the tournament deadlines run out without action
    • If you play the match, pinging doesn’t matter, the result of the match is valid.
  • If he doesn’t ping you back…
    • But you play the match, the result of the match is valid
    • And you don’t play the match, the player, who has pinged his partner wins. As this person has indicated that he would like to play and his partner didn’t respond, the winner is the willing one. In this case the result will be still 0-0 but it counts as a win. The pinged, passive player will lose at this 0-0 score.
Updated on October 26, 2016

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