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Team building match

This is where the fun part is: the team building itself!

How does a modern team building work?

Let’s be honest, we like games, we like playing and we love competing. Feeling challenged is a key element to have fun while maintaining focus. By providing a type of measurement for your performance in the game, like a scoring system, we challenge you to be better than your colleagues. As a result you and your coworkers are going to have a drive to compete in your workplace in sports and games. This motivation that is present in the workplace is revitalising the office atmosphere, creates fun and attraction. Therefore a modern type of team building reenergizes employees which will show in their performance at work.

What is the kay factor of new trend team building?

Most importantly these team buildings work efficiently because they are part of the everyday life of the office. Unlike traditional team buildings, that consist of a daylong event twice a year, these coffeebreak team building sessions form a community continuously.

Based on this principle, Battlejungle offers a list of tournaments and challenges to make team buildings effective. You can read more about creating a challenge here.

Where team buildings start – The Match page

To reach the Match page, you need to select a challenge first, you participate in. Match view can give a deep overview about your activity in the organisation. Furthermore it provides information about the last or ongoing round fo the tournament, therefore you can see your opponent’s results. In the “Round” box you can see all matches and results (as soon as it is submitted) in the upcoming round.


team building match overview

Chat panel

Below every match there is a chat panel, where you can exchange basic information, or give contents a like.

The Leaderboard of the challenge (see dashboard) can show the current standings in the game. Players are ranked by karma earned in the challenge. The amount of karma awarded depends on the quantity of the players. The more colleagues compete, the more karma will be distributed.

Updated on October 26, 2016

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