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Team building ideas

Looking for some team building ideas for your company?

You came to the right place. Battlejungle is meant to provide fun, challenges and sports in every office. Therefore we have a collection of team building ideas for you, that you can easily play supported by Battlejungle platform.

First of all you can select among several options regarding the team building’s nature. You can decide if you would like to go outside of the office or you fancy some indoor activities; funny or more serious type of game; and ultimately, how long time you can spare for the team building: there are short and long haul team building games.

Office golf

An instant game to recreate concentration power on a hard day in the office. This sport is easy-to-do and fun at the same time. You can challenge your colleagues to find out who is the best at office golf.

  1. Place an empty glass on its side on the office floor
  2. Position a ball at least 2-3 metres away from the glass on the floor
  3. Grab a bat (can be substituted with broom or mop)
  4. Try to hit the ball in the cup using the least possible strikes.
  5. Type how many hits you needed to hit the ball in the cup. Less is the better

Office Chair Race

One of the funniest and easiest office games ever improvised

  • Invite your colleagues to compete against you
  • Mark a track with a checkpoint and a starting line on two ends
  • Propel yourself along the track while seated on your chair
  • Be the first one to roll across the finish line with your chair
  • The first to cross the finish line gets 1 the loser gets 0 point

Spaghetti tower

An intensely skill-oriented game that requires patience and long lasting focus. This game is meant to be played periodically for a longer time until it comes to a result. Therefore it is an ideal challenge for the whole office, with an astonishing outcome.

  • Players are divided into teams
  • Every team has to build their spaghetti tower
  • Build a tower that can support 1kg of weight on its top
  • Equipments to be used:
    • Spaghetti
    • Marshmallows
    • String
    • Duct tape (only for locking the bridgehead)
  • The tallest bridge that can support the weight wins.

Table football

This game is most common to recreate the employees’ power of concentration and add some fun to the working area.

  • Invite colleagues from the office
  • Let Battlejungle manage the fixtures, standings and all administrative tasks
  • Play table-football and have fun
team building ideas
team building ideas

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Lastly it is important to emphasise: the continuous team building is not only important for the new generation but also for the employer. Because a well integrated team is more productive. Furthermore, if the team buildings consist mainly of sports, we can create a healthier and fitter work environment. This is resulting in satisfied and engaged employees whose individual performance will improve as well. Ultimately this results benefits for the employee, who will be more loyal to the company. It’s that simple!


Updated on October 20, 2016

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