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Playing in team – Office community forming

Reinforcing office community by playing

Firstly, it is important to mention that sport is a very effective productiveness raising factor, especially in the shared service centers’ monotonic worklife. Playing sports is not an individual activity but mainly a team event. Therefore it not only creates fun and happy atmosphere but it also enhances the communication and collaboration among employees while strengthening office community.

In addition, the tools are present: nowadays the majority of workplaces have several common sport tools or even a common room where colleagues can play or hang out frequently in their small breaks.

office community forming

Playing in teams

As you create a challenge – you can read more about this here – you have the option to select team games. 

After you selected team sports, a list of suggestions will be offered for you. You can create your own custom team sport too. In this case, you need to type in the basic information about the game. Lastly invite your colleagues to join.

office community forming 2


Subsequently, joining the team challenge has several options:

  • Accept an invitation and get an invitation to a team
  • Create a team event and form a team
  • Accept an invitation and then create a new team
  • Accept an invitation and ask to join a team

Either way, make sure you play in most games to earn more karma and have more fun!

Attributes of a team

At first glance we can see a number of information about each team:

  • Name of team
  • Picture
  • Number of players
  • Members
  • Power index

Power index shows how competent the team is. It is calculated by the average karma of the members:

Team’s average karma Power index
0+ Rookies
500+ Elites
2500+ Masters
7500+ Veterans

All you need to do is play and enjoy the game while a strong office community is being formed.

Updated on October 25, 2016

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