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The role of Notifications

Push notifications

As you first start Battlejungle, you will see a message to enable push notifications to your browser:

Enable push notifications
Push notification

You will see this panel until you enable or disable push notifications. This feature is useful to inform you if your action is needed on Battlejungle. We suggest you to enable push notifications, so you will be less likely to miss your match or race.

Once you open your browser and click on Battlejungle, you will get the notifications in your browser, even if you close Battlejungle tab.

E-mail notifications

You can be notified via e-mail as well about your next match, deadlines, new challenges, invitations and other actions on Battlejungle. Most of all, you can select what kind of news would you like to receive.

E-mail notifications
Selection of news feed via e-mail


The options you can tick:

  • Weekly digest. In this e-mail you will find news regarding the most important events of the past week. This can consist:
    • Someone has created a new challenge
    • One of your colleagues broke a record
    • A player has won a tournament or challenge
    • Information regarding the closing deadlines of available challenges
    • Application is open or soon will be open for a game
    • Important notifications you have missed
  • Comments on matches. There is a chat panel in every match page. If you get a comment or like on your message, you will get an e-mail about it.
  • Further information supply about:
    • New rounds start
    • Deadline of versus tournament rounds
    • Start date of tournaments

By ticking or unticking these boxes you can select of which actions you would like to be informed. Ultimately, you will be informed of what you selected, and they will be in your inbox. Battlejungle will send to your e-mail that you have registered with. We suggest to keep yourself up to date not to miss any opportunity to gain karma 😉

Updated on October 26, 2016

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