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News in companies

What is ‘News’?

The members can be informed with the latest events and news of the company (‘Company News’), the section also shows the latest updates from Battlejungle (‘System News’). People can read a short introduction with the most necessary information in it, and with adding an optional link, they can be led to another page where they get more details.

Where can I find them?

On the Home page, under the pageable list of events and activities, the block of the latest news can be found (News section). Here you can find both ‘Company news’ and ‘System news’ in one list.

Full list of News can be found under the News page, reachable from the top menu, or via the links on Home page‘s News section. On the News page, you can find the news separated by their type: ‘Company news’ on the left side, and ‘System news’ on the right side.

Who can manage the news?

This feature is only available for companies with account level of ‘Standard’ or higher.

If your company has the required account level, then within your company only ‘Admins’ and ‘Organisers’ have the right to create, modify or delete a news story, ‘Tournament Organisers’ and ‘Normal’ members can only read them. ‘System news’ can’t be modified.

How can I manage the news?

If you are an ‘Admin’ or an ‘Organiser’, select Admin functions’ from the top menu. After the page is loaded, select ‘News’ from the left menu (by default the ‘News’ sub-page is opened).

Edit & Delete

In this page, you can find the list of news stories published in your company. Each of the existing news has an ‘Edit’ and a ‘Delete’ button. By clicking the ‘Edit’ button, a form will appear in the same spot, where you can modify any of its attributes. In case of choosing the ‘Delete’ button, a confirmation window will pop up so you won’t delete any of your news by accident.

Manage your news


At the top of the ‘News’ sub-page, there is a green ‘Create news’ button. By clicking it, you can open the form of creating a new news story.

You can add a headline/title (up to 50 characters), the content of the news story (called as ‘Body text‘ with a maximum of 300 characters), and if you wouldn’t like to use the default picture, you can upload your own image. It is recommended that the image follows the 3:2 width-height ratio with the minimum dimension of 300 x 200 pixels. Also, you can add an optional link with an optional title if you would like to lead the viewer to an external page with further information, to a form etc. If the link title remains blank, the above-given URL will be displayed.

Updated on June 9, 2019

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