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Joining a Tournament

How can I join a tournament?

There are many ways you can join – or be invited – to a tournament. Once you are creating a tournament, you have the option to choose participants:

  • For inviting everybody in the organisation, tick the box “open for everybody”. As standard, this box is already ticked. If you select specific people to invite while your tournament is open, still everybody will be invited along with those who you invited.
  • If you would like your challenge to be more private, there is an option for you. Untick the box “open for everybody”. And invite persons you would like to participate in this challenge by selecting them and clicking on the green “Invite players” button.
  • There is an option for not only inviting participants to join, but also adding them to the challenge straight away. This option is preferred by those, who belong to the more conservative, older generation to whom opening a website is an effort. Or they might just not have the time to do so. However they still want to participate in the vivid office life. So adding them to the challenge without their confirmation at the computer is sometimes the way to go. You can do so by ticking the box “Add selected players to the challenge instead of just inviting them”. By doing this, the selected players are automatically added to the challenge.
joining tournament page
Tournament creating invitation page


How can I get to inviting people?

As you create a challenge, you will get to the “Pick Participants” page. This page comes up as soon as you finish selecting the challenge and confirming its rules.

tournament selection
Selecting the challenge and confirming its rules


All in all if you know who would you like to play with – specific people or the whole community – all you need to do is select the challenge, open your tournament for the wished group of colleagues to join.

Joining a running tournament

There are two cases for joining a running tournament:

  • Join an ongoing RACE
  • Join an ongoing VERSUS

Once a Race is started, members of the organisation are  free to join until the race is terminated. However, joining early a race is beneficial because players have more chance to work out a high score and win the event.

In case of the Versus mode, after the application deadline has expired, no more members can join to the tournament. The reason for this is, that the system is managing the game through fixtures. This means at the start of the game you know who you are going to play with in the first round. As the game proceeds, players win or lose, get eliminated or pass to the next one. Therefore it is not applicable for adding additional people to the tournament after it has started. It would be like joining Tennis Wimbledon Grand Slam, when the tournament is already at the finals. Be alert and join these Versus games in the application period!

Updated on December 1, 2016

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