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Event Calendar

What is ‘Event Calendar’?

You can check the details and duration of your events, the main moments of challenges and tournaments, and you can reach the pages of these happenings easily in this Event Calendar. Also, the lists of different kind of events can be reached below the calendar view. The members can reach this view via the Events option from the main menu.

Event Calendar with opened details


What does appear in the calendar?

You can find those moments in the calendar that are useful and important for you:

  • Duration of events;
  • Registration deadlines for events, challenges and tournaments;
  • Play-time deadlines for challenges and tournaments in which you are participating (round by round);
  • Date and time of your matches (if you set them with ‘Place-time suggestion’ function);
  • The moments of closing of your challenges and tournaments.

By clicking any of these records in the calendar, a box with details of the selected happening jumps up.

Lists of events

Below the calendar, you can find the lists of every sorted by their relevances.

  • Actual & Upcoming: list of most recent events and tournaments that are currently happening in the company, or the registration for them is still active;
  • My events: everything in which you are participating;
  • Past: here you can find those events, challenges and tournaments that are already finished;
  • Unpublished: in this section the still not published events can be found (active only for organisers).

Lists of events below the Event Calendar

Updated on June 9, 2019

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