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Creating office sport tournaments

Race or Versus mode?

office sport tournaments
office sport tournaments
Race Mode

In office sport tournaments there is a game type called Race. This game mode is meant to keep track of personal/individual achievements. For example: setting a record in the longest hula-hoop session. Or the longest distance run in by a participant this month. Most of all, race measures and records your attempts, you can give the type of measurement: points (socre), time, length etc. The player who has the best score will win the challenge.

Versus Mode

There are sports or team building events, when you are compared only to your opponent. For this we have Versus mode.

First of all, when creating versus mode, you can select among multiple game modes. Each setups are suitable for different purposes:

Knockout All play all Groups + Playoff
cup Single elimination Round robin Playoff
 stopwatch Shortest time needed – only winners play multiple times Longest game mode – Everybody plays with everybody Hybrid mode – round matches followed by a single elimination

After selecting the appropriate game type, all you need to do is fill out the basic informations about the game you are about to organise. Ultimately, you can start the challenge. Have fun and enjoy!


Why are office sport tournaments so important?

Different generations have different expectations. Millennials have grown up in a digital environment, due to this, the gap between the generation X and the millennials are greater. As a result of this ongoing change, a new perspective of team building, employee engagement comes  in the picture. Office sport tournaments mix the fun and challenge of sports and competition into the office life. The new generation has different expectations regarding worklife and workplace. They value most of all flexible time schedule, friendly atmosphere and opportunity to play with other colleagues in order to form a community. Therefore the benefits of office sports and challenges became an important factor in team building:

We can see a tablefootball table or darts board at a lot of workplaces, and it is not a surprise – it’s a tendency. New generations, new trends. Battlejungle is enhancing and supporting this trend of team building with office sport tournaments. 

As you are creating a new challenge, you can see a list of preset offered sports. These challenges are classified by game duration, location and nature of games. What this means, is that you can select by basic attributes: quick or long, indoor or outdoor and funny or serious. It will not only make your choice easier but also can give you some team building ideas for the office community. If you were looking for some more inspiration for useful team building ideas, office sport tournaments or events, click here. We have collected a number of challenges for you available on Battlejungle.

Updated on October 26, 2016

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