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Create Your Own Office Olympics: Shake Up Office Life!

What is Office Olympics?

Office Olympics is a month long series of competitions, challenges and races. This is a very effective and intensive team building session. Most importantly this is a continuous team building unlike conventional events, which happen circa twice a year. All in all, this session will refresh, reenergize and engage employees, while creating fun, teamwork and ultimately motivation for colleagues. You can read more about the positive effects of the modern team building methods:

How to create your own Office Olympics?

For a month long Office Olympics session you will need some preparation. Let us help you with this:

Firstly, a communication channel to all employees in the company who you would like to participate in the event. Then communication tools, like some posters to advertise the session. You can download a poster sample .psd file here.

Then you will need a software to keep track of the tournaments. “here you can easily organise challenges, races and championships. At the same time you can follow up on standings, scores and fixtures. In addition you can see all results cumulated on a leaderboard. Battlejungle is just for this job.

Most importantly you will need a list of team building ideas. We have good news for you. We have made a collection of challenges and tournament ideas for your Office Olympics. You can see them by clicking here. There you can find detailed description, instructions and goal for each games.

Let us give you an initiative inspiration for your Office Olympics:

Spaghetti tower

An intensely skill-oriented game that requires patience and long lasting focus. This game is meant to be played periodically for a longer time until it comes to a result. Therefore it is an ideal challenge for the whole office, with an astonishing outcome.

  • Players are divided into teams
  • Every team has to build their spaghetti tower
  • Build a tower that can support 1kg of weight on its top
  • Equipments to be used:
    • Spaghetti
    • Marshmallows
    • String
    • Duct tape (only for locking the bridgehead)
  • The tallest bridge that can support the weight wins

We wish you joy and fun in your office!

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Updated on October 26, 2016

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