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Website Version Updates

We want to keep our customers up to date on what version we’re working on and the status of our developments. We can’t provide full details of new features, nor can we disclose everything we’re working on.


  • Battlejungle is completely mobile and tablet friendly now
  • All known bottlenecks were optimized to let anybody have a company with thousands of users
  • Awards pages and company leaderboards were completely redesigned
    Added several new game icons (chess, video games, etc.)
  • Fixed a lot of issues with invitations and departments and positions.
  • From now on, it’s possible to invite people to sites. (for white label organisations)
  • Changed the first use tour to a new one
  • Every popup was rebuilt to let anybody use Battlejungle from any device

2.0 Version

  • Automatic rounds and stages in challenges
  • Completely modified match result page
  • Added sites, departments and positions
  • White label
  • Teams and new Race format integration
  • Removed player bubble for better performance
  • Invitation token for URL invitations
  • Fixed and issue with single elimination tournament types where players were added to the grid in wrong positions
  • Added several emails which notify the players about the upcoming matches and rounds
  • Removed races temporarly from custom tournament creation
  • Changed the end of the tournament view to a shiny new one
  • Added view counts to profiles
  • Completely redesigned navigation and notifications



  • Some references added to support articles
  • Added tasks to the dashboard
  • Challenge timeline added to versus challenges
  • Sport, Departments and positions changed to more intelligent selects



  • Sport icons changed to colorful ones
  • Race v2.0 added (10 forms of races)



  • Renamed the term ‘Team’ in Battlejungle to ‘Company’ in order to avoid misunderstandings with teams in challenges
  • Lots of new post types added to challenge dashboards (with funny emojis 😜 )



  • Remember me bug fixed
  • Added empty states to a lot of places
  • From now on Battlejungle supports Teams
Updated on November 16, 2016

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