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Battlejungle levels

How can I reach high in Battlejungle levels?

First of all, participate in events and games in order to collect rewards and karma points. With karma you can evolve your character and level up. Most importantly be an active participant of your organisation and enjoy!

What is karma?

Karma is basically points in the scoring system. The more you have the better you are.

How can I get more Karma?

Be an active member on Battlejungle: Organise, participate and play in events to get points. Popular events give higher score for participants. The more players join a game the more reward the can earn.

All in all there is a lot of challenge provided to be the most active and motivated person in the office. Since everybody starts from zero karma, anybody can beat anyone. In Battlejungle your position in the company doesn’t make a difference. Only thing that matters are the events you participated in, played in or created.

What is the goal of this scoring system?

We want to create something intangible in your workplace: an atmosphere, in which coworkers are happy, they have matching goals, common memories and experiences. We want to build community in your office, where people know each other, interact, share thoughts and most importantly they like to go to their workplaces. Our goal is that workers don’t look at the clock so often because they are enjoying the atmosphere at work.

What is Karma good for?

You can evolve your avatar animal with karma, if you collect enough, you move one level up. The goal is to earn the most karma in the organisation to reach the Gorilla level and beat all your colleagues.

What Battlejungle levels exist?

There are 15 animal character levels to reach, starting from Heroic Hamster all the way up to Grand Gorilla. The higher level you are the harder it is to proceed to the next one. Live an active company life, compete and climb the ladder of the jungle!


Levels to be reached

Symbol of level Level Karma to reach level Sound Description
Heroic Hamster
0 Squeal-squeal Hamsters, as the cutest rodents on the Earth are curiously looking up the stairs from the 1st step.
Sneaky Squirrel
100 Squeak-squeak Now you are brave enough to jump to the next step. Squirrels think they will quickly climb to the top of the ladder.
Reckless Rabbit
300 Sniff-Sniff Is there anybody outside bigger than me? Just leave me alive until I run to the opposite side of the road.
Cheeky Chicken
600 Peep-peep-peep Chicken, the eternal survivor. The smallest members among the biggest players. Peep-Peep…
Sadistic Sloth
1000 Moooan With it’s strong arms and great climbing capabilities, sloths are getting higher and higher. Slowly but surely.
Shady Sheep
1500 Baaaa-Baaaa Sheeps often feel themselves as common targets. Not by accident as they are wolves inside under the skin.
Provocative Panda
2200 Huuuuuugh As a cute bear, pandas seem to be the most innocent animals. But be careful with the beast live inside them.
Horrifying Hippo
3100 Ding-dong Hippos are really powerful in most of the sports. If a hippo can’t beat the opponents, they will be swallowed crosswise.
Wild Walrus
4200 Groooan With their huge tusks, walruses can accidentally kill anybody, even if they are in a friendly mood.
Wacky Wolf
5500 Owoooooo Smart and cold-blooded, the wolf is an extremely dangerous opponent with it’s killer instincts.
Brutal Bear
7000 Brumm-Brumm Nobody wants to confront directly with their powerful claws of the bear. An overwhelming butcher.
Rambunctious Rhino
8700 Bow-Wow Did you know that rhinos are responsible for one of the most killings in Battlejungle? You’ll know why…
Cruel Crocodile
10600 Hisss-hisss Crocodiles are not so fearful, unless they are close enough to bite your head. Then they are really fearful.
Tactful Tiger
12700 Grrrrrr Don’t look into the eye of the tiger! If you did it you can start to dig your grave. Ruthless killers.
Grand Gorilla
15000 Roaaaar No word is needed to describe the power of the Gorilla. Only this matters: There can be only ONE!

There can be only one Gorilla in the jungle, so make sure you collect enough karma too keep your position!

Updated on November 2, 2016

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