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Authentication and Profile Settings

Authentication problems

Unable to login? There can be two authentication issues in this case:

Have you forgot your password?

Click on the Forgot your password? button, then type in your e-mail address. The system will send you a new password with which you can log in. Your password will be reset, so you will not forget to change your password.

Wrong e-mail address set?

If you can log in, you can change your e-mail address to another one. This is an important setting, because you not only use this address at logging in, but also you get notifications on your e-mail address in use.

If you can’t log in, because you have given a wrong e-mail address, well, that’s impossible. Because you have to confirm your e-mail address before finishing a registration. Your registration is not complete until you can confirm your e-mail address by clicking on a mail we send to your inbox. As you have given a wrong address, you can’t confirm it. Therefore you can only have an account with a working e-mail that is at your disposal.

Profile Data Settings

You can set in which department and position you work. However, only the administrator of the system can provide information about your company. Other than this piece of information, feel free to fill in all information. You get a a badge for completing your profile. This includes uploading a picture for your profile, giving name and date of birth. In addition you should provide information about where you work in the building. So your match partner can find you easily. There are personal informations, where you can write about yourself. This includes hobbies, favourite sports and any information you would like to give about yourself.

Invitation to Battlejungle

Only the administrator of the system can invite other colleagues to join Battlejungle. Therefore even if you are a member of the organisation, you can’t add or invite new participants into the system.

Updated on October 26, 2016

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