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Adding Records to Battlejungle Race

How does a Battlejungle Race work?

First of all the administrator – or the creator – of the challenge selects a Battlejungle race. This can be for example a “Run the Most this week”, where participants can set their own records. A race like this consists of rounds. Let us carry on with this footrace example. Since everybody has a week to compete per round, the records should refer to the days inside of the week. Because of the challenge is set for a weekly basis, a round is considered as a week.

If we are talking about setting the attributes of a race, the administrator has the option to set the length of a round. Which brings us to the next important question:

How can I set my records for the round?

Once you have done whatever the challenge is, you should submit it on Battlejungle on the corresponding Race page:

Submitting result on battlejungle race page
Submitting result on the Race page


But here comes a common problem: if the race round lasts from Monday to Sunday, and next Monday starts a new challenge, in theory you should submit your results on Sunday… However you don’t have to worry about Battlejungle race on Sunday, because you can submit your records for the round until the round is active. The round is active until the administrator closes the round.

As soon as the administrator closes the round, you are no longer able to provide information about your last round’s performance. Conclusively you should submit your results on Battlejungle Race page without long hesitation. This will make sure that your results will be listed and you stay in the competition.

There are specific times: – let us stick with the example of the weekly footrace – when for example on Monday a new round starts and the previous round is closed on Tuesday. In this case, on Monday and Tuesday you can select between rounds when submitting results.

Ultimately we suggest not to procrastinate too long with announcing your achievements. This results that you can be up to date with the race. For further information about crating a challenge you can read more here.

Updated on October 24, 2016

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